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I feel that Max Green said it best on another thread:

"Portraits: The new version is not as good. You can't zoom with your feet without giving up subject isolation and bokeh. The old model did much better. The sharper more contrasty images will not even out the game for the VR II.

Wedding/Events: Let's be honest. The loss of reach is way worse than a soft corner. Giving up 20-30mm reach is a BIG problem.

Sports: At longer distances, the new version wins easily.

Street/landscape: Here we use the whole frame and get wider angles as well. The new version wins easily.

I'm on the fence, but VERY upset that the old version did something so key in the design SO MUCH BETTER than my 2400 dollar upgrade."

If you have photographed a wedding you do know what he means. And its quite obvious that a portrait photographer chooses 85, 135, 180, 200 or 300 for very specific reasons and this situation throws a big wrench in the familiar workflow and setup. And these things are money.

They are right to be upset. Nikon informs us about "Constant Aperture" -- why have we never demanded information on "Constant Focal Length" (or some way to measure it the way Aperture is measured if it is variable -- eg "f/3.5-5.6 lens").

Is this the lens that was SO EXPENSIVE and SO extreme in its case that it forces us to define a new way of measuring lenses?

Perhaps its good for the industry if we do. Its not like lens design should sit still. And its not like this issue doesn't affect photography as much as aperture does. And those who are condescending the troubles of others regarding this lens, its not quite fair, since each of us has our own uses.

So how does one describe variable Focal Length? If aperture can be f/1.4-22, etc, then how do we describe Focal Length? FL200-155/7? (FL of 200mm becomes 155 at 7 feet?)



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