canon 50 1.4 or something else for that price for portraits?

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Re: canon 50 1.4 or something else for that price for portraits?

Andreas Helke wrote:

On a crop camera 50mm is just about long enough to be a good portrait length. On a full frame camera its a bit wide but still somewhat usable. The 85 f1.8 has better image quality wide open much better build quality and probably a better autofocus. So its a much better choice as a portrait lens for about the same price.

A little more information:

While 50mm on a Canon crop camera will produce a field of view the same as an 80mm lens of a full frame camera there is another factor to consider. The 50mm lens that you mount on your crop camera is still only a 50mm lens so the image that hits the sensor produces a subject size that equals an 80mm lens but the distance perspective is still that of a 50mm lens. Therefore, some may feel that 50mm is too short a lens for a traditional portrait. It could produce large noses, hands, etc.

With a little care, this shouldn't be a problem but the photographer should be aware of the issue. For a portrait 80mm to 100mm is the classic portrait length but these lenses can at times be too long for indoors in a typical apartment setting.

Actually the problem is much greater when using a 17 to 28mm setting on a crop camera than it is at 50mm setting.

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