Lightroom 3 and S90 G11

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Re: But no mentioning of S90? (nt)

OK that was an impressive demo page.

I might as well try this before settling on the Aperture / Nik software combo..

See how I like it...

Will try to report back...


Hmmm grey styling reminds me of Lightroom 3 Beta - may have to run back to my Mac software! Will give it a try though!

meanwhile wrote:

Bobarino wrote:

Your options are LIghtroom 2.6 RC, or Photoshop with ACR 5.6 RC, or Canon's DPP.

Bibble 5 (preview version currently) also works nicely with the S90 and G11. RAW and lens correction support. Windows, Mac, Linux.

Preview Download:

It's really quite nice, non-destructive RAW workflow, selective filtering on layers, Noise Ninja integration. There's still some bugs to iron out, but it's most definitely worth a look.

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