Olympus 510 & The Salton Sea

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oh, no, not olympus colors again!

People will argue about 'olympus colors' until the cows come home, but I put up with whatever faults there are with olympus because I can't get as natural 'nature colors' with other cameras. I used to think Olympus had better white balance, but now i wonder if it has 'worse' white balance - 'worse' because it isn't good enough to neutralize the colors of the late afternoon winter sun....

For me, it is always easier to neutralize colorcasts myself when I want neutral, but it is nearly impossible to put in the right 'natural' color casts if the camera has already pre-neutralized the white balance. (speaking as a frustrated LX3 owner)

Perfect example is number 3 - the subtle but very lovely pink and red tones sprinkled about in the photo. That is my favorite of this set.

Anyway, love these compositions and colors - but then, I'm long time fan of your images on pbase.

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Roberto M.

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