70-200 VRII vs. VRI: _Actual_ owners, event vs. nature shooters, quasi poll

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Measured focal lengths at 70mm end of range

bbrault wrote:

I have read similar statements but I do not understand how this can be helpful.
Do you mean it might sometimes help that it goes down to 65mm at short distance?

Yes, I was referring to the short end, where the new lens is a little wider. However, it does not actually go below 70mm - it's just that the original 70-200 didn't quite open up all the way to 70mm, especially at close subject distance.

Minimum Focal Lengths

Dist.; Focal length
1.39m (min focus); 80mm (I can hear the screams of anguish already)
1.5m; 79mm
2m; 77mm
3m; 75mm
5m; 73mm

Dist.; Focal length
1.26m (min focus); 70mm (Hooray!)
1.5m; 70mm
2m; 71mm
3m; 72mm
5m; 72mm

I haven't measured longer distances yet, but I suspect they will be very close.

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