70-200 VRII vs. VRI: _Actual_ owners, event vs. nature shooters, quasi poll

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For indoor sports shooting

ZoranC wrote:

So let's do a quasi poll (quasi because it is far from scientific):

1. Only Nikon 70-200 owners .

2. Is your prinmary source of income coming from photography?

3. How many hours you spent / photos you took using 70-200 were events? How many for nature/lansdscapes/citiscapes?

4. What were your top 3 focal lengths in those shots events vs. others? What was the average distance those were shot at per each focal length?

Of the approximately 400,000 frames I take annually of indoor sporting events (mostly figure skating), the 70-200 probably accumulates around 300,000. The remainder are mostly taken with the Sigma 120-300. With the D3, I normally add a TC-14 when using the 70-200. Outside of professional work, the 70-200 is rarely used. Personal-interest photography is usually done with 14-24 or 24-70 for landscapes, or longer lenses for birds/wildlife and distant scenes.

Photography is my side business; I'm an engineer by profession. I'm continuing to develop my photography business, with the goal of it providing some significant supplementary income during retirement (only about 10 years away now).

Because I almost always use the 70-200 wide open, I'm finding the new model to be a real improvement. The better colors and transmission efficiency are also important plusses, and with the D3S, AF improvements are significant, as well. Regarding focal lengths, my usage is biased toward the long end, but I definitely make use of the full zoom range. Focal length shortening at closer distances is not a problem for my work, in fact, it's a little helpful.

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