D300s nitpicking questions

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Re: D300s nitpicking questions

I DO have a D300s, and use it for video weekly.

  • The video from the camera is really nice 720p HD. It's not a sharp as Canon's DSLR 1080p video, but it's film-like and plenty sharp when you need it to be. Sharper than a D90 due to lower compression rates. Sharper on simple subjects than on complex ones due to mjpeg single-frame compression scheme.

  • AF works like this: Place the AF square on your point of focus. Press and hold the AF ON button. Wait about 2 seconds for focus to be achieved. If your subject moves during the 2 seconds, you may have to do it again. The camera will not focus again until you press the button again. Also, the camera "tries" several focus points during the process, so any video taken during the focusing is probably no good.

This is great for tripod mounted shots of stationary subjects, but useless for kids or animals.

  • There is an HDMI output jack; I don't know exactly what comes out of it. There is some discussion of it's usefullness here: http://www.tdepost.com/

Hope that helps!

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