70-200 VRII vs. VRI: _Actual_ owners, event vs. nature shooters, quasi poll

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70-200 VRII vs. VRI: _Actual_ owners, event vs. nature shooters, quasi poll

By now almost everybody that visits digital photography forums related to Nikon is very likely to be aware of issue/"issue" with effective focal length of 70-200 VRII at closer distances.

This has polarized Nikon users into two camps:

1. Those that are unhappy, mainly event shooters that desire as much reach in tight quareters as they can get (you can often step backward and/or zoom out but very often you can not step forward) but are getting much smaller EFL with VRII than with VRI at distances they usually shoot from


2. Those that don't feel this is an issue, mainly nature and other non-event shooters that are working from distances at which difference in EFL between VRII and VRI is of much lesser degree, plus quite a number of people that ironically do not seem to own or have a need for either versiion, nor probably ever will.

From number of posts of "shut up, it's not an issue" kind directed from second group toward first one one might assume that VRII is still hitting majority of target market even if at expense of alienating part of users.

However, we all know what they say about assumptions.

So it is warranted to ask who are actual owners of this model and how many hours on average they log with this lens shooting events vs. nature?

This is especially warranted because some of nature photographers with big Web presence have been strong arming their point of view even though 70-200 VRI is not mentioned among lenses they said are their main ones .

And it would not be fair that those that are not using this lens as their primary money maker have more weight in whether this is an issue or not than those that do.

So let's do a quasi poll (quasi because it is far from scientific):

1. Only Nikon 70-200 owners .

2. Is your prinmary source of income coming from photography?

3. How many hours you spent / photos you took using 70-200 were events? How many for nature/lansdscapes/citiscapes?

4. What were your top 3 focal lengths in those shots events vs. others? What was the average distance those were shot at per each focal length?

Thank you!

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