GH1 Video with 14-45 Lens

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Re: GH1 Video with 14-45 Lens

G1Houston wrote:

From what I read, it should be quite good, especially if video is not your primarily interest. I have a GH1 w/ the 14-140 lens and am thinking about the same thing. The GH1+ 14-140 is a large package and close to dSLR territory. With the new firmware update, the 14-45 can now AF in all HD modes. The 14-45 should AF quite quickly but is likely to be slightly more noisy than the 14-140. However I read more complains in terms of AF speed and noise with the 20/1.7 lens so the 14-45 should be at least better than the 20/1.7 in these areas. The 14-140 has another advantage: stepless shutter so if you leave it in some kind of auto mode you do not see a sudden change of exposure due to change of light levels. I am not sure how critical this is, if you shoot video in manual mode, in which you set up each shot by a fix set of ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. You may want to go to and people there are more interested in video and have several posts on this matter.

Thanks for the response. I'm primarily interested in some casual video probably just during vacations and things of that nature so I don't think the issues you mention above would be a huge deal. For the most part I'd much rather carry around a smaller picture taking setup I think.

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