Horror story cleaning D60 sensor, Sensor swabs save me/day/camera.

Started Sep 15, 2002 | Discussions thread
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Horror story cleaning D60 sensor, Sensor swabs save me/day/camera.

I took a picture with my D60 of an airplane flying over a soccer field, I was in Tv mode for 1/400th, the aperture ended up being 11, and I noticed spots on the sky.

Took some more test shots of blue sky, manual focus, F22, different lenses, and sure, they were there.

Looked at the sensor, saw the dust particles myself.

I then called a good camera store nearby, they had both the Eclipse solution as well as the Sensor Swabs. At 48 $, they were a bit expensive, so I decided to try the Radio Shack chamois with the Eclipse fluid, some post mentioned using these.

I dropped few drops of the Eclipse fluid on the chamois, went over the sensor/glass – I now see visible streaks left on the sensor !

Few more attempts, same result.

Next step, I took the non-abrasive swabs that came with the Eclipse fluid, wrapped those around a Q tip – same result, visible streaks on the sensor.

Now I am approaching a state of someone close to a heart attack, the thought of having damaged my D60 is just unbearable. In this state, I get into my car, drive back to the store and buy the Sensor swabs. Just looking at these flimsy things, I wonder why does a single one of those cost 4 $ ???

First pass – no streaks visible left. Test picture – the big spots are gone, 2 minor one left. What the heck, it’s only 4 $ a shot, so I wasted another. No spots visible on the test shots, the sensor (or the glass in front of it ) is perfect.

The state of the approaching heart attack gone, I start thinking more rationally. I took an old, unused UV filter, and cleaned it with the Eclipse fluid and the Eclipse package swabs, it keeps leaving the bluish streaks and tiny little drops after the Eclipse fluids evaporates. I then took the Radio Shack chamois, dropped some Eclipse fluid on it, and made 2 lines across the filter – I now have a nice bluish cross made of streaks across the filter. I cleaned the filter again to get rid of the streaks, and did the same motion across the filter with one of the Sensor swabs I used on the D60 – 2 passes, no marks, no cross visible.

Bottom line – I do not have the strong health to repeat this horror again. From now on, I will only use the Sensor swabs. Maybe the price will go down, one of these days…….

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