5D Mark II does Dubai Airshow 2009

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Re: 5D Mark II does Dubai Airshow 2009

65tigershark wrote:

Nice shots. They look good and it looks like you had the sun in the right spot also.

Yes, the sun was behind and helped me get the shutter speed that was required to freeze jets. The air display always happens between 2pm and 5.30pm. So, I guess I will get the sun behind me at all times.

I usually shoot in TV for prop stuff, and depending on how hard they push them, you can get nice prop blur at up to 1/320, but like I said that depends how far they open the throttle.

I tried to improve on prop blurs. But these planes were moving fast and I was unable to get any sharp body along with prop blur.

For jets I tend to switch to AV mode and maybe nudge the ISO up to 200-400, if I am not happy with the shutter speed being selected, and depending on the lens used depends what aperture I set.

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