G11 Case from Tamrac - Perfect Fit

Started Oct 28, 2009 | Discussions thread
rennie12 Senior Member • Posts: 2,844
I really wanted this case but need to see the belt loop ->

the size and placement of this is important to me. And I see there are at least 2 descriptions in this series, - what do they do, flip a coin ?

I went to the Tamrac company site. No joy. And the web site is so poorly designed - I mean it is year 1995 style - terrible searching, unintuitive, - they obviously simply don't care. Too big to care I guess.

Since I live in the end of nowhere in Idaho USA I have to buy by mail.

The website was so offputting I will research other cases at some length - which is a shame. But, as I say, Tamrac obviously doesn't give a care about what or if they sell anything. Bad sign, I think.
Bill Wilson

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