Which Noise Reduction sofftware?

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Re: WEll

Honestly, with the high volumes of photos I do and the fact that I shoot RAW exclusively, I can't imagine my work flow without LR now. Even the thought of saving as .tiff, shelling out a NR program and then importing back into LR just seems really awkward and time consuming. And then the bother of keeping track of all the various versions. I am really excited about the new level of NR that will be coming out with the final release of 3.0 and is right at your fingertips.

My biggest concern when I jumped on board (when 2.0 first came out) was committing everything to a LR database and not having 'finalized' jpeg or tiff copies of all my processing work. Now I feel the opposite and am really glad that I only have one copy of each file and all the variety of change flavors I have done are all sitting in one easily searchable place.

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