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Re: NIKON D300 vs. 300S

Bhealy10 wrote:

I have the opportunity to purchase the Nikon D300 vs. the D300S. They are only a few $100's apart. Which one should I go with and why?

Okay, let's break this into a couple of pieces:

  • Image quality: nearly identical

  • Movies: not likely that you want to spend money on that, but if it is you wouldn't be asking the question, I think.

  • Other: lots of small and often meaningful changes. Quiet shutter is actually quiet. Moving the LV off the dial to a dedicated button is useful. Accessing menus directly from the Shooting Information display is useful. Slightly better AF tracking is useful. Auto ISO has been refined slightly, and in useful ways I think for external flash users. The extra card slot is useful for those that shoot a lot (event shooters, for instance).

The question really is this: are all those small other things worth the difference in price? That, I can't answer for you, because I don't know how you value each of them. For me, there's enough difference that I'd prefer to pick up my D300s instead of my D300. But I'm not really bothered if I pick up the D300 accidentally instead of the D300s. Is that worth US$100? US$200? US$10? I don't really think about it that way, so can't answer it that way. But there are differences. Find them and evaluate them.

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