First time iMac buyer: most basic or most expensive model?

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Re: Try Eneloop rechargeables

talmy wrote:

louis_ wrote:

  • processer speed (eg. 3.06GHz duo vs 3.33GHz duo)

Processor intensive tasks (such as applying a filter) would be up to 8.8%

faster. You are unlikely to notice it. If you get into video, 1 hour of rendering drops to 55 minutes. You might notice that.

  • duo core vs quad core processor

No real advantage at this time . A year from now it probably will be a different story. Applications need to be recoded to take advantage of multiple cores.

  • graphic card (Radeon 4670 256mb vs 4850 512mb)

Only an advantage for Aperture at this time .

  • ram (4gb vs 8gb)

4GB is enough.

  • screen size (21.5 vs 27)

While the 27" has higher resolution along with it's larger size so is much nicer to use, the additional pixels actually make it slightly slower to refresh.

i second that.

for image-editing in general, screen-resolution is the single most important factor (imho). thats why i would choose the 27" base model and upgrade ram in a year or so, in case there should be need for it (at the moment, you shouldn't have to worry if 4gb are enough).

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