SharpRaw Version 1.20 just released for D100, D1, D1x

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Re: SharpRaw Version 1.20 just released for D100, D1, D1x

The dragonfly shot is with a Minolta D7. Still wishing for a D100!!!


David Barkin wrote:
Hi Duane

I'm assuming this program is for PC's not Mac's. If you had a Mac
version I would certainly try it.

Not am I qualified to make any comments on neural networks or
traditional methods, etc, etc. If the program does what it's
supposed to, I'll leave that for the techies to explain later.

All that being said, the one example image that I looked at of a
dragonfly it really not very good at all. As a big fan of dragon
and damsel flys I have a whole slew of much better images.


Duane DeSieno wrote:
Interesting comment.

This program has been out for about 1 month and I am continually
trying to make improvements.

So how about some detail so I can try to correct what you don't like.


Dennis D wrote:
I gotta say after using that program for about 30 minutes, it has
got to be the worst program I've ever tried!
Dennis D

Duane DeSieno wrote:

This version has corrected a problem in the Auto White Balance
algorithm for the Nikon cameras, including the D100.

Download it from


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Dennis D

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