Which Noise Reduction sofftware?

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keith Bennett Contributing Member • Posts: 540
Re: Which Noise Reduction sofftware?

i think these products do stand alone or at least with nn or ni as plugins . . . so . . .

horses for courses, ie. it depends on the shot - the exposure/quality of the lens used/resolution/contrast/picture content/grey scale etc, all of which effect the quality of the noise - so -

raw conversion in either dxo or raw developer, both of which do noise reduction - then if more nr is necessary either noise ninja or neat image or both with, for difficult shots, different settings for the dark greys and medium greys - if the light parts need nr i've generally given up long before this point -

generally if a sharp high contrast lens has been used (cz maybe?) and the shot is in focus i get quite reasonable and sharp results at even high iso - however if a lens of somewhat less contrast and bitingly sharp resolution has been used then the results will be softer and i'll be unhappy but a picture will come out

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