If you get into SLR from zero which system would you choose

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Re: If you get into SLR from zero which system would you choose

rogerstpierre wrote:

Marc Sabatella wrote:

I can't see any reason why a 20% rise in lens prices over the course of the last ...

Lack of profit perhaps ?? Pentax was in the red and Hoya needed to make a profit

Just to be clear, I didn't say I didn't see a reason for the 20% rise. No, that's reasonably clear to me - the market forces you mention combined with a 20% drop in rthe dollar against the yen. What I said was, I don't see why that rise would make me choose another brand (ie, that's what you deleted with the elipsis in the above).

This said, in spite of new pricings in place, Pentax remains comparatively competitive I think.

Me too. It's easy to pick and choose specific bodies or specific sets of lenses that make one brand look way better than another, and if you know exactly what lenses you plan to buy and know you'll never ever need to buy one not on your list, then it might be possible to determine which brand wins. But really, looking across the whole line, they're all pretty similar overall. Except that with Pentax, you always get SR, no matter which body and which lens you choose. And all the lenses will AF.

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