Which Noise Reduction sofftware?

Started Dec 4, 2009 | Discussions thread
GaryMiller1951 Contributing Member • Posts: 558
Re: LightRoom is a very good solution

I'll second the high marks given here for Lightroom 3.0, the new beta version. The NR is a very natural tight grain with very good detail retention. This will be a great choice especially if you are looking for an all purpose PP solution. I would not have said this at all about LR 2.5 but the improvements on Noise Reduction and Sharpening in 3.0 are truly impressive and they haven't even enabled the Luma NR in the beta.

Download and try the beta for free now and you should be able to run it at no cost until the new release is ready (April may be in the fine print). If you buy LR 2.5 too early you may not get a free upgrade though. Adobe's usual policy is within 30 days of release for free upgrades as I recall.

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