Legacy and MF, Why all the interest??

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Re: Legacy and MF, Why all the interest??

wimpy wrote:

That whole process to take 1 picture took about 10 seconds. Sure, if I was good at it, I might speed it up to 5. But heck, 5 seconds for a snap?

Like with the AF, you focus then compose then takes some snaps and go to next position, adjust focus rinse and repeat...

Sure, you have to be more deliberate, it is not for snapshots, just like they always were a problem before AF came around (and before fast AF came around which is less than 20 years ago)

And currently I am down to about 2 secs, but I use the range finding abilities of my lenses to get a rough focus and then micro adjust to get better focus... If need be I snap on auto while adjusting a little back and forth and see which of my 20 or so pictures became good

But, I personally don't understand the fascination with MF lens. I can understand if you've got a bunch of legacy sitting around and want to use them.

Well that is the main reason to use legacy lenses... You have some lenses already in a dusty drawer along with an old 35mm camera and you can now use them for perfectly good pictures on a modern camera instead of just saving them for nostalgic reasons.

I really don't understand folks purposely building up a legacy collection to use on this camera.

I don't think many are? Persoanlly I have actually bought some more old Zuiko (OM) lenses along my existing set, because I could get some very good lenses for almost no money...

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