rechargable batteries with k-x

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have you tried the new firmware?

you might want to try the new firmware update

and report back to see if it helps. I haven't bought the k-x yet, but I eventually will, because I want to try the HD movies, and the higher ISOs, and the liveview.

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mlr123 wrote:

Thanks to comments from people on the site I bought a k-x and have been extremely pleased with the picture quality.

Unfortunately I have run into the often mentioned battery problem that seems even worse than reported. I bought a new set of Kodak 2500 mAh. They lasted 30 shots without a flash. I have a set of relatively new rayovac that I had recharged and used in another camera maybe 5-6 times and it took about 50-60 before the camera started indicating empty and my picture taking had stopped anyway. (it didn't actually say battery depleted)

This seems worse than people have been reported. I would like to have tested it more but people have commented on this site the B&H won't take cameras back iif there are more than 200 shots and I am up to 170.

My question is: Is this very poor performance likely due to the fact that this was the first time the batteries were used or is the camera defective? Should I take it back to B&H now and try to exchange it or just tough it out and see what happens?

Any advice??

Thanks in advance.

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