Some M9 and CV 35 1.4 MC....

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Amin Sabet
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Re: Great review and a loooong personal aside....

Doc Olmo wrote:

The CV lenses are sharp. The only serious complaint is the bright bokehs that look like bubbles with sharp edges. Leica lenses will render these background lights in a gentler and smooth graduation.

This too is a myth. In direct comparisons, the CV 35/1.4 Nokton bokeh is essentially indistinguishable from that of the 35 preasph lux and smoother than that of the summicron at matched f-stops. The CV 35/1.2 bokeh is no harsher than the 35 lux asph bokeh based on samples I have seen. The myth stems from the fact that most bokeh samples are not presented with direct comparisons to the same shot taken with another lens at the same setting. When comparisons are done this way, the truth comes out.

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