Recommend to me some training materials for understanding DSLR cameras

Started Dec 2, 2009 | Discussions thread
Rakumi Veteran Member • Posts: 6,256
Start wtih your manual....

And move on to things like Wikipedia for understanding terms (this is how I began). Before you can fully understand photography, you must know what the terms mean and how they actually function. Things like aperture, its not enough to just know what it does but how it actually functions in a camera helps and wikipedia can define these things. Key terms to look up is aperture, shutter, ISO if you do not know these things in and out. I did and then tested what I learned in practice and kept little notes to remind me how something works and what it effected in real time.

Secondly check out such sites as for understanding of lenses. this can help also and has good lens reviews. That is how I started.
Quickly shooter, draw your lens or prepared to get shot.

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