Any 7D users who wear glasses using the Eg dioptric lens to help focus

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Re: Any 7D users who wear glasses using the Eg dioptric lens to help focus

Since I've actually bought a correction lens for my 7D, you can now trust that I know exactly how this works!

First, the correction lens is indeed one single piece. Lens, holder and rubber, all in one.

Second, the 7D has the same viewfinder frame and size as the 1D Mark III/1Ds Mark III, so they all use the same type of correction lenses.

Third, probably due to the fact that everybody knows that the previous designs are easy to loose, these new ones have a design with release buttons and hooks, to keep them on the camera. If you don't press the buttons, you almost need a crowbar to remove them from the camera.

Fourth, the rubber part is thick and seems well attached. I doubt you'll wear it out in any short time.

I can use my camera with glasses and the normal viewfinder, but am just outside the adjustment range without glasses. With a correction lens, I move the adjustment range so I can still use it with glasses, just with the internal setting set differently, and then without glasses, just by adjusting the diopter setting in the camera. Thus the correction lens stays on the camera, no matter what I do, so I don't loose it.

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