G1 firmware downgrade anyone? (That's NOT about battery)

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G1 firmware downgrade anyone? (That's NOT about battery)

Has anybody tried (or heard of successful attempts) to downgrade the G1 firmware?

No, this is NOT about aftermarket batteries. This time it's... drumroll... the cable release .

I bought a wireless radio remote release said to be tested on a G1 with an early firmware version, and it doesn't work on my G1 with firmware 1.4. I tested the contacts on the plug with an ohm-meter, and indeed the outermost and the next contact get shortened at the press of the "shutter release" button on the transmitter. The LED blinks etc, so evidently the transmitter and receiver are talking to each other and, in a word, work properly. It just doesn't do anything to the camera.

I also found reports that even simple cable releases don't work on G1's with late firmware versions (see, for instance, Q&A section on ebay item #200289017419 quoted below):

Q : Hello, I am interested in this item. However, a previous purchaser said that it would not work for the G1 with the latest firmware. Here is his feedback:

It works with Panasonic L1. It doesnt work with Panasonic G1 (firmware 1.3). Buyer: dreamsnapper (1) Sep-08-09 09:35 Remote Control cord release for Panasonic DMC-G1 DMC G1 (#200289017419)

Is this true? Thanks! Dan Kehlenbach Sep-12-09

A : thanks for the message... Dan... it seems to be true... I assume it will also not work with GH1 with the new firmware 1.1. Panasonic did something to keep away the 3rd party batteries, and now the remote cords best...

Okay. I would buy the genuine, authentic, environmentally friendly, Y3K compatible and altogether-so-much-better OEM radio remote if they want me to -- but they don't make one! Only a $50 wire-and-button affair. It is also worth noting that they didn't even warn me about the remotes incompatibility when advising to upgrade the firmware. I was quite a fool to have done it without any real need.

Emotions aside, I would very much appreciate any insight or leads in the direction of downgrading the camera firmware.

Naturally, I have already tried just using the older .bin file to do it, and quite naturally it didn't work. The setup screen didn't show up, as per Panasonic's notice about older .bin 's.

Regards and thanks in advance,

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