The BEST keyboard for typing

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Sean Nelson
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Re: The BEST keyboard for typing

I've been using Microsoft Natural Keyboards for about a decade now, and I really like the comfort that the rounded surface gives. Nothing can match the bucking-spring keyboard on the original IBM PCs for key action, but the shape of the Natural keyboard makes up for it, IMHO.

On a related topic, I quite like the Evoluent Vertical mouse. It lets you manipulate the mouse without having to twist your wrist, and I find it very comfortable to use. You can find them here:

I've been using mice for a couple of decades, and over time I started to develop a pain in my neck. It took me a lot of trial and error to track down what the problem was, but I ended up discovering that it was the mouse - specifically it was because I had to hold my arm over to the side of the keyboard to work the mouse. I've now built myself a little keyboard shelf that holds the keyboard about 4 inches above the work surface, and I keep the mouse below the keyboard so that I don't have to hold my arm away from the side of my body to use it. Since I started doing that my neck pain gradually subsided and is now gone. I haven't found any problem typing with the elevated keyboard, although I did have to design my shelf to tilt the keyboard forward more than usual.

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