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Re: Read the Maximum Reproduction Ratio

Adrian Diaz wrote:

I found these specifications on the Nikon Canada website.

Lens Closest focusing distance Maximum Reproduction Ratio (at 200mm)

70-200mm VR / 1.5m (in AF) , (1.4m in MF) / 1:6.1

70-200mm VR II / 1.4m (in AF) / 0.12x (which means 1:8.3)

It means the new one behaves closer to 140mm at close distances. These specs make the older 70-200mm a true Nikon classic.
Adrian Diaz

I agree....and I think the new one will be as well. Perfectionists will now but the new version AND keep the old....or buy the new and add the 200mm VR.

Nikon wins. The new version is "better" but not at close focus 185mm....which it absolutely can't do!

Max Green

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