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Re: Thanks for the video article

Thanks for your feedback on my video feature.

It is difficult to make a starting point with video as to many readers this is a totally new ball game. I didn't want to jump too much in the deep end and yet at the same time I didn't want to assume that everyone was a total novice.

Regarding the tax laws on HDSLR cameras, I am still out on this one. I know there is a 4GB limit on recording times under FAT32, but as with the Sony EX1/EX3 there should be no reason why software can't seamlessly join two clips together. I also believe that most people would be more than happy to pay a tax difference if they could shoot for longer times. Having said this, as I pointed out in the feature, you shouldn't be shooting clips for longer than a minute or two maximum, unless you intend covering an event such as a wedding ceremony. Hands up, how many readers have had to endure endless slide shows of holiday snaps, now imagine if you had to look at hours of holiday videos maybe it should be thank you for the 5 minute limit!

I am sure we will be covering more aspects of shooting and editing video in the weeks to come.

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