Zacuto Z-Finder V2 Review

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people that complain about the Zfinder price...

must not value getting things... in focus !

i had been using the Hoodloupe since i got my 5DmkII quite a long time ago. its pretty good at best. i where glasses so with the Hoodoupe i had to take them off when using it. drag! forgot my glasses a few times and had to search for them.

now i have the Zfinder (new version).

now, its not even a contest between the two IMO. there is no magnification on the hoodloupe where the Zfinder has 3x magnification. it makes the image huge and... intimate . all the little things that you might want to focus on...very big! the smaller things with the hoodloupe would be much harder to nail vs the Zacuto.

Zfinder is like sitting in the first row of a theatre. works great with glasses too.

i like it and yes it was expensive but still worth every penny. i do happen to be one of those people that thinks Zacuto stuff in general is waaaaaaay overpriced. this paticular item kicks ass though and is worth it. if you got the bucks and accurate and precise focus is paramount ...get the Zfinder...end of story.

if you go for the hoodman though (great deal for the money), forget the silly straps they supply. here is a good tip i got from a DP named Norman Bonney with a much better way of attaching the hoodloupe than the silly straps.

i didnt use the cushy floppy thing he had in the pics but i did the surgery on the rest of the hoodloupe and it worked like a champ. the cool thing is that you can easily pull it off for viewing between shots. the velcro does a solid job of keeping it intact.

i agree with all that complain about Zacuto being way overpriced but...not with the Zfinder. you are getting what you pay for and there isnt anything else that can compete.

for all that can spend thousands on L glass surely can drop $400 to let you get those great optical marvels... IN FOCUS dont you think?


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