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I have read a number of post about the disadvantage of the five minute limit, unless you are copying a movie this is not a problem for most users. When I shot 8mm film, one roll was about three minutes. Five minutes is a long time for one clip, even in a full length movie one scene seldom if ever goes over 5 minutes, the clips are spliced together to make a 2 hour movie. When I take home movies this is what I do to make one longer movie. Remember, once you stop and start shooting again the 5 minutes starts over. You will find four or five minutes is more then enough to shoot your home videos.

jguerdat wrote:

The article says something I never heard before:

Clip limits

One of the main disadvantages with using a stills camera to shoot movies is the short recording times available for HD video; Nikon 5 minutes, Canon and Panasonic 12 minutes. However, if using VGA then the times are increased. This limitation is due to the tax laws with different tax rates for still and video cameras.

What/whose tax laws? It doesn't seem to be a worldwide scenario or there's something that I just never heard of. The limitation I know of is the use of the old, simple FAT32 file system which has a 4GB limit on file size. Use of a more advanced file system would allow virtually any size video.

Of course, the limitation may be used to mask other issues (whatever this tax thing is, sensor heating, etc.)...

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