External battery pack for D700?

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Re: Thanks Paul

The camera has a certain tolerance for voltages from a cutoff value maybe around 7V and up to... I'm not sure what, but I've had my D700 run off a fresh set of 7 NiMH batteries at around 11V. I suspect the camera also has a high voltage cutoff for safety at some point so it won't get fried, but I am not sure about this. When I used 7 instead of 6 it's because I live in Alaska and the NiMH batteries drop in voltage pretty fast in the cold, so starting at 7.2V they don't last long before reaching the cutoff. Unfortunately, using 7 didn't improve the situation much, so I'm sticking with Li-Ion packages for now as they can keep up at significantly lower temperatures. It is of course also reassuring that Li-Ion packages are both the same chemistry and voltage as the camera was primarily designed for. You can find 7.4V 8800mAh Li-Ion packages for $25-30 on all-battery.com (and there are usually 10-15% coupons floating around on the Internet too ;-)). You'd probably need a charger and conversion cable to go with it, so it ticks in close to $50. But really not bad considering what you'd have to pay for something that capacity with a Nikon sticker on it.

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