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Re: Yes, 2nd 502, Strike Force, 1966~67

Wasn't the 502nd attached to 8th ID at Mainz then? Maybe it was the 501st. Whoever it was, they were constantly jumping out of Comrade's 3 story buildings... drunk of course. I was with 8th ID HHC during that time in Bad Kruetznach.

Iraq was the best thing that ever happened to me, and the hardest thing I've ever done.

the main culprits were the CF. I did 6 POE's, and retired from INS/DHS after 30 years.

and someone told the CF that my input wasn't really necessary. All 35 of the guys I worked with over 16 months, combined, had never done a single POE inspection. Not one between the 35 of them, and they ignored me.

they had no business running the inspection side of the task.

do you know what Basij are? Not one of them did. Not even the Iraqi border officers.

That's like working OC, and not being familiar with Cosa Nostra.

l did not whore myself out for the money. Once I saw that they were just a bunch of bullies that got a big laugh out of firing civilians, I effectively told them to bite me.

And I don't need to prove anything to anyone.

Back to the original poster. I was describing how my PP is terrible. Moving sliders too much, etc. Example (gypsy festival, Istanbul) with G-9:

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