Why should I upgrade from D90 to D300s?

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Re: Why should I upgrade from D90 to D300s?

Let me put in my few cents since I have both the D90 and D300s.

The reason to upgrade is NOT for image quality. In fact, I think D90 has better JPEGs. If you get into RAW, then the D300s will have better IQ since it writes the files with more bits and there is a lot more margin for post processing. But I'm just a hobbyist and is scared to shoot in RAW because I don't know anything about it. I need to start learning to develop RAW files sooner or later, but i keep putting it off cause I'm intimidated by the complexity.

But anyways, the reason to upgrade is for continuous focus tracking. There is no comparison. If you are like me and like to shoot kids who move around, the upgrade is really a no brainer and is well worth the money.

And there are more reasons as well, such as more direct controls, more solid feel, better built, and so on. These are the reasons why I haven't touched the D90 in a LONG time. I also have the D200 too and I would call that an upgrade over the D90.

(an upgrade FOR ME, according to MY definition of what a camera should be)

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