Just curious how often do you upgrade bodies

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Just curious how often do you upgrade bodies

Just curious to know how often others have upgraded their bodies

I myself find that I don't need to upgrade near as often as when DSLR first hit the market

My upgrade path so far has been thus

D100 > D70 then switched to canon 20D > 40D
came back to nikon with D40 and currently have D90 and D2H as well
and I don't find myself wanting or needing to upgrade in the near future

I have owned quite a few DSLR's but the above are the only one's that I have kept for more than a couple of months or weeks at a time
Most I have bought in pawn shops and resold for equal or even a bit of a profit
so it was more just to test them out to see if any of them impressed me
enough to keep them around

I don't see myself upgrading untill FF gets down to a resonable price

And To tell you the truth I just don't see the huge jump in IQ that you used to get when upgrading

So far since being in the DSLR market for the last 5 or so years the two cameras
that have impressed me most have been the Nikon D40 and D2H

so let me know what your upgrade path has been and how often you upgrade

every model? every other model? and what determines for you when and why you upgrade

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