Travel Photo - 50-200mm or 50mm w/TC?

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Travel Photo - 50-200mm or 50mm w/TC?

Hey everyone,

I'm leaving in a few weeks for a month abroad (Italy and Slovenia). My primary body is my E-1 with an 11-22mm. This is my prefered focal lengths, it's "how I see the world."

The second body I'll be taking will be my little e520. I would like to use this body for quick portraits of anyone and anything. I was planning on just using my 50mm f2 (My second favorite lens) but I'm starting to think about maybe snagging a non-SWD 50-200mm instead. The lens is supposedly quite lovely, but fairly bulky. I've touched a few of them over the past year and found them big, but not EXTREME in any way.

Then, randomly I thought about the 2x teleconverter. does anyone have experience with this TC on the 50mm f2? Does anyone else consider it a reasonable replacement for the 50-200mm?

I understand the basics...

50-200mm gets me:
-No lens swapping
-Faster aperature at 100mm
-More reach
-Better focusing

The 50mm + TC gets me:
-Smaller, lighter
-Faster aperature at 50mm
-Macro (For that italian gelato!)

Am I off my rocker here? Should I just pony up the cash, get the 50-200mm and leave the 50mm at home? (GASP!)


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