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I've used this, a friend has one. The new mounting plate they use allows you to screw your tripod mount onto it, so that's no longer an issue. Check their website. I always carry two cameras while out in the wilderness or on a wedding job, or wherever. e.g. one body with my 70-200, the other with a wide angle. This device makes it so incredibly easy to just drop one body down into the clip, and use the other. Switching couldn't be easier. Also has a locking mechanism in case you're afraid it'll slide off (difficult to do accidentally). I have no stake in this company, I just know a great product when I use it. I mounted the device such that the holstered body faced backward, with LCD pointing ahead of me, lens pointed straight back. It's out of the way, and no, it doesn't jostle and bang around while you walk. Not any more that with it slung around my shoulder on a strap. I think the real problem is most people havent seen one in person, much less used one. All the talk about thieves can be applied to any strap or holster system or anything. There are a lot of scared, timid photographers out there who live in constant fear of being robbed. Flip the tiny switch if you don't want it to slide off, simple as that. They'd need to break your belt off your body to get it off then. The Complete System thing they offer comes with a decent nylon belt system with a hip pad which helps distribute the weight of your hanging camera. I agree it's a bit expensive, but it seems their target audience is wedding photographers, a group who won't balk at the $109 introductory price.

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