Why should I upgrade from D90 to D300s?

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Re: Why should I upgrade from D90 to D300s?

I may stand out a bit here with my response, but I initially bought the D300S, but ultimately downgraded to the D90 while I was still within the return period.

Everything about the D300S has already been mentioned, I don't miss the build quality or 'weather-resistance' as I would use a rain-jacket in anything other than light mist or snow anyways. And I definitely don't miss the noticeable weight difference.

The only thing I miss between the two is the AF. I have one of the new Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 VC Lenses and in AF-S mode the D90 misses the mark about 20% of the time, I switch to AF-C and it will nail it, so its not necessarily a lens-calibration issue but more of a precision issue. On the D300S the same lens would nail focus in AF-S. Additionally, when I used it, the 51-pt 3-D tracking is amazing.

Being a simple and reasonable hobbiest, and knowing I will probably buy something else in a few years, I was willing to forgo the AF and Build in exchange for the $850 saved.

I am very, very happy with my D90.

mosswings wrote:

At the risk of encouraging a firestorm, the D300/s autofocuses faster, has 14 as well as 12 bit RAW formats (not a big deal), a stronger focus motor for all those screw-drive older lenses, more dedicated buttons for often-used features, lens-by-lens focus fine tuning to permit user calibration of their lens' focusing, and...Matrix Metering that's much less focus-point sensitive.

For most folks, however, the D90 is more than enough camera and more than capable of lasting you many many years. I'd dearly love the D300/s's focus fine tuning, but your money would be better spent on high quality glass.

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