Can someone post 800, 1600 and 3200 ISO photos from 7D.......

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Re: More on lens resolution, APS versus FF

Phil Hill wrote:

When I say that lens resolution is reduced on APS-C, I’m talking about the resolution on the print, not the sensor. Of course the resolution at the sensor is the same, but it gets reduced by the extra magnification required to make a print. People often miss this on the screen, because it doesn’t exist at 100%, and if an image is resampled downward to fit the screen, so much data is thrown away that it doesn’t make a difference.

Read my other post about this. No need to magnify during printing.

So nobody is going to be able to prove this to you with screen images, but you’ll see it if you look at some large FF prints, especially landscapes containing lots of foliage detail.

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The only time a smaller sensor with the same pixel count is superior to a larger sensor (aka higher pixel density) is when you are focal-length limited.

Lee Jay

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