Can someone post 800, 1600 and 3200 ISO photos from 7D.......

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Re: Can someone post 800, 1600 and 3200 ISO photos from 7D.......

Eugene Powers wrote:

Did you do a comparison between 7D and 5D2 yourself in term of IQ or you just read this somewhere?

The 7D reduces lens resolution by the 1.6x factor right from the start, so you can never get the full resolution of any lens when printing the full frame. Now those that crop in place of using a longer lens (birders, etc.) will benefit, but everybody else gets reduced resolution from the lens. Specially designed APS-only lenses can help to overcome this 1.6x disadvantage, but many are still shooting FF lenses on the 7D.

On top of that, the 5D2 has more than double the surface area to collect light. Again, physics come into play, giving an advantage to the full-frame sensor in terms of DR and reduced noise. More light = less noise, better color and cleaner images, all other things being equal.

Now remember, this is coming from a guy that really likes his 7D. I wouldn’t trade it for brand-new 5D2 even if it was offered. This is because the advantages of the 5D2 IQ while potentially real, are not meaningful for my purposes. Others might (and some do) make a different choice.

Based on what you’ve said you do with your cameras, though, the 5D2 might not be a better choice for you either.

But you can’t say that the 5D2 doesn’t have higher IQ for certain types of photography, at least not with credibility.

To specifically address your question, no I’ve not personally used a 5D2 because I prefer APS-C. But I’ve seen enough images from highly-qualified photographers and reputable testers to know that for certain things, the 5D2’s full frame sensor is the best tool for the job, just as medium format film was better for some things than 35mm. Conversely, 35mm was superior in other areas.

I do know that noise is not at all an issue for the 7D, despite some reports to the contrary. The lack of high-ISO banding is especially nice. And I’ve also found (from personal experience) is that to come really close to full-frame IQ you need to use lenses that are so good that they can afford to give up the 1.6x resolution factor. I’ve already replaced several lenses that weren’t delivering everything my cameras (50D and 7D) are capable of, and seen the improvement.

It’s interesting to note that the 1.6x APS-C factor is almost exactly the same as the magnification factor between 2 1/4 MF film and 35mm. I don’t remember anybody looking at a new 35mm camera and film combination, and speculating that it could reach the same IQ level as MF.

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