Why does my Epson print darker than what I see on my screen??

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Re: Why does my Epson print darker than what I see on my screen??

Tonini wrote:

Hi when you use Epson profiles your settings should be (let printer determine color)
(let photoshop determine colors) should only be used with custom profiles.

That's incorrect. Color management MUST BE TURNED OFF AT THE PRINTER. This could be your problem, i.e. competing color management. Your program, be it Photoshop, Capture NX2, etc, manages the color and not the printer or anything else. You must also pick the correct paper profile with these programs, as well as at the page setup (for your printer) when printing!

If your prints don't match your screen you are doing something wrong. Turning down the brightness is no way to professionally calibrate. Myself, I use a Spyde 3 Elite and Eizo monitor (CE210). I went from an amateur, hp 7960 to an Epson 3880 printer. Regardless of the printer, my prints matched my screen.

I also use a Solux task lamp to view my prints.

PS: I assume you are working in the Adobe 1998 color space. You must tell Photoshop, Capture, Lightshop, etc. this fact. If it thinks it's printing CMYK, or some other color space, that would also account for your mismatch.

Hope this helps!

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