7d external flash without built in ?

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Re: 7d external flash without built in ?

One thing comes to my mind though. How does GF PUFFER works. This is made for the popup flash and its' plastic bracket goes inside the shoe.

Better yet, somehow we should retrofit the Nikon blocker to the PUFFEr's bracket..

rndman wrote:

Thanks for the explanation.

ScratchDisk wrote:

Hi, It's not my mod, but I predicted that it would be necessary.

xxD Canons & the 7D have a microswitch under one of the rails of the hot-shoe. This switch disables the built-in pop-up flash when anything with a normal flash foot is pushed into the hotshoe. On a 20D it's on the Left, on a 7D it's on the Right. (It's just a pin hidden under the springy piece under the rail.) So, if you just pushed the Nikon SG-3IR fully into the hot-shoe, the built-in would not work! The poster in my link has removed a thin sliver of plastic from one edge of the SG-3IR foot - the right side/shutter-button side - but he has been careful to leave a little lug at the 'back' corner of that side. It shows in his pic, if you look closely enough. He was trying to maximise stability within the hot-shoe whilst not activating the switch. HTH

(For any 'Lurkers'!; most of the time, if you don't want 'built-in' flash illumination in the capture - simply disable it in the menus. You will still see 'pre-flash' but your cam's CMOS sensor will not. However there may be a trace of 'trigger-flash' in the capture - that is what is being removed potentially with a modified SG-3IR gismo.)

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