We got film -- and I'm hooked

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Re: We got film -- and I'm hooked

menos wrote:

Guy, I don't have a digital Leica yet for instant meter checking, but I do take my D3 and 50 1.4 with me, when looking for a used camera to check the meter.

Center weighted on the D3 fits pretty much the meter on my M6 - the scans agree so far too, so it worked out for me

Btw - do you find yourself using center weighted metering entirely after shooting Leica Rangefinders or film cameras for a little time?

It is indeed a funny process - I use my D3 in a complete different way now.

I even get annoyed by Auto ISO, which I used entirely before, combined with Matrix metering and M mode

I have used the D3 very little since I got the Leicas. I think on two occasions actually. I might go back to it for a bit as I want to learn off camera flash (I don't even have a flash set up for the Nikon yet but it seemed like a good skill to develop given the long dark winters here). I do have a flash for the Leica which I was given -- I haven't taken it out of the box yet.

I go back and forth about selling off my Nikon lenses. Seems silly to have a suitcase full of stuff just sitting here and no-one interested in them. I might keep the older lenses and get a Nikon FM2 (or similar).


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