Warning with 12-60 SWD lens

Started Nov 26, 2009 | Discussions thread
Mike_PEAT Forum Pro • Posts: 12,975
Probably had to do with v1.3 and the following...

tangogal wrote:

The 12-60 SWD lens comes with a warning that it should not be used on an E-300 camera unless you upgrade the firmware.

I think this is the particular E-300 firmware upgrade in 1.3 which is at issue:

"The (camera) start up process has been changed to support interchangeable lenses to be released in the future."

Of course they don't say what exactly was changed.

As an E-300 user with 1.5 I've never had an issue.

Now if only they can fix the major one touch white balance bug in the E-330!

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