What a great camera!

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thesurfdog wrote:

Photomonkey wrote:

The fact is that the public, by and large, fervently believe that most photographers are similar and are largely separated by price. When pressed every person on earth will say quality matters but when it comes to making a decision, factors of price and referral mean more than quality.

And that's why I ALWAYS have a problem with people that seriously undercut their prices...or blow themselves up to be more than they are. I would say that with just about every choice I make, with regards to my business, I give considerations to how it will effect the "industry." IOW, I happen to think that photography is a very worthwhile career and can be for a great number of people. So doing anything that contradicts that is most likely not good for the industry and utlimately not good for me.

I'm not a pro photographer, but am self-employed. In reading this forum it seems like a lot of posters believe that photograhers suffer more from this kind of thing than anybody else.

The fact is there will always be somebody cheaper than you, regardless of the industry you're in. It's the natural order of things. Those starting out won't have much of a reputation or track record to leverage, so have to compete on price in order to build a client base. As time goes on they either up the rates to reflect their growing status or drop out of the industry and try something else. Does anybody charge bargain rates with the intention of always working for such low pay? I doubt it.

I agree that photography is a worthwhile career, but that doesn't mean photographers shouldn't have to sell themselves just like every other business. Effectiveness of communication with the target market will largely determine success of most enterprises. If you want the photography without the sales and marketing then enjoy it as a hobby and make money another way.

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