Action Exposure Techniques.

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Re: Action Exposure Techniques.

It depends on the sport and whether I'm tracking players as they move (eg football) or the players are more fixed to the one spot (baseball pitcher/batter).

I try to shoot backlit as much as possible when sunny, use evaluative/AV and adjust via exposure comp as necessary. I find this more consistent than using manual when it's sunny as the exposure is forever changing as you track the players.

Manual comes more into use on cloudy days, nite shoots or situations where tracking players is not necessary.

For those 'moments' when light becomes special/unusual I may spot meter and tend to use manual more.


Cal Dawson wrote:

I use partial metering with manual settings and fine tune exposure to properly expose players faces. I never allow the camera to control the exposure since 99% of the time the camera is wrong....

Saturoldan wrote:

Hi all!

I am very interested in how you, 1D/DS series owners, do meter light when you are taking Action photography, both RAW and JPGs.

I usually spot meter on high tones and compensate depending of the tone, and if it´s lighted by the sun, and even if it has prominence or not. That´s when I have time to think and light conditions are homogeneous. But, when I have no time to think or light changes fast, I usually work with evaluative metering compensating with the dial if I think it may be needed. That´s how I work, but...

How do you find yourselves metering light in such conditions? May be some of us find a more reliable, quickest and easier way to exposure than we do now...

Thank you all!

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