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Re: What in the world is "pro feel"?

time20n wrote:

Well you want pro grade you are in the wrong forum, canons pro grade is right above this forum, you sure don't post in the lower end and semi pro forum what OP did.

Well, I disagree with the OP. I think the 7D has a nice feel to it and is very professionally usable. More so than a 5DII body wise. But I'm not so brand loyal I am not disappointed that the battery compartment lets water in very easily. I am not so brand loyal I can't see that a D700 is more solid (personally I don't like the feel in my hand) or that a Oly E1 is more waterproof.

You need a balanced view from people that have seen and used more than one brand.

I say if you are a pro stop being so cheap and buy some real pro gear, like I said that one above this forum, surely OP knew people would not take to well to his post.

7D is the best crop camera for some extra reach with some great features, its not about being cheap. The speed which you can take a flash off camera and do wireless flash is not a feature on the 1D series.

The bottom line is people not making a living off their images, will buy low and semi pro gear, even this end of the gear is very costly buying lenses and all. If I was rich I would buy a phase one, then no one can say I didn't have the best pro gear.

If I was making good money off of my images, I would also buy a phase one it's the best digital bar none. Canon and nikon and the rest can't touch the kind of the hill phase ones, so next time some one says it not like a pro digital tell them to buy a phase one.

You are way off topic now but I will indulge you. If you think a phase one body or similar is in the running for the sort of work you would use a 7D for you are mistaken.

I've not used a phase one for more than a minute or two but here is me with the H3D39 and 80mm lens second shooting:

You'll find a few images on my blog with the 28mm HC lens (costs more than 2 7Ds).

But you do know it has one focus point, a very slow burst rate and a fan that comes on when it gets hot? Weather sealing? Lol, there are air vents for the fan!
You do know how big a standard zoom is for MF?

Not to mention the quality of the rear LCD compared to the fantastic 7D one makes you think you have gone back 10 years.

In short, if you haven't actually used the equipment you are talking about then your opinion is not going to be a fair and informed one.


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