Just starting out. Is the Canon Eos 50d or 7d a good choice

Started Nov 24, 2009 | Discussions thread
kb2zuz Veteran Member • Posts: 3,202
I'd go with the 50D

The 7D will add video, better weather sealing, better AF for tracking moving subjects (the 50D has a fine AF system on it's own, the 7D is mostly better for sports), better wireless flash controls, and more frames per seconds.

If you feel you need video, be more comfortable taking the camera out in a light rain, shooting lots of fast moving subjects, or doing exotic lighting and feel that it's worth $700 more, go for the 7D. The faster frames per second should not be a decision maker for someone starting in photography. Especially when starting out you want to learn when to capture the moment, you do not want to just hold the shutter down like a machine gun and hope the moment is caught in one of the shots.

There is an even cheaper option of the Rebel XSi or T1i however if you are truly intent on learning photography, I find these cameras are more difficult to learn on as if you want to put the camera in full manual control, you only have one knob to adjust Aperture and Shutter, which means you turn the knob to adjust the shutter, and hold a button while turning the knob to adjust aperture. This is not very intuitive and I find it stifles learning. The 50D is a little more rugged than the Rebels (but not as rugged as the 7D.) I find the 50D to be a very good compromise.

Save your money and get a couple good quality lenses like the 17-55mm f/2.8 and maybe the 10-22 or 70-200 f/2.8L IS.

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