Remote Control for EOS 7D

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Re: Remote Control for EOS 7D

I know a lot has been said here already, but I don't at all understand the initial post, particularly the statement "The Wireless Remote Controller RC-1 will do its job here, too." Where is the "here" (and what is the implied "there"?) and what is the "too"? As a first post it seems to refer to a pre-post, but the pre-post post does not refer specifically to a pre-post ot any other post. Can someone please post a post-post that explains the sitiuation more clearly. (If possible, post-haste.) Thank you.

I'm baffled.

Anandaji wrote:

Can you believe this?

When I bought my EOS 350D, I also bought the Wireless Remote Controller RC-1.

A minute ago, I had a good look at the Supplies and Accessories for the EOS 7D.

And what did I see? The Wireless Remote Controller RC-1 will do its job here, too.

So, in my case, so far no need to phone Hong Kong to send me a remote control...


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