Have I made a mistake? EF or EF-S?

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dopravopat wrote:

Thanks for the reply. The reason why I want FF is:

1. Real UWA. Nothing can match the Sigma 12-24 coupled with a FF body. I currently have an equivalent of 16 mm and that is too long in some cases. I am an UWA freak, yes.

You must be - 16mm equivalent is already veeery wide and quite a challenge sometimes.

2. I would prefer a more shallow DOF in some cases and the bokeh of the Sigma 30 f1.4 cannot compare with the bokeh of its bigger brother, the 50 f1.4 (on FF).

That is certainly true.

3. I do not shoot birds/wildlife, so a long end is of no importance to me. The 200 mm limit covers my needs just perfectly.

That's one big difference between us.

4. TS lenses would be really nice to have, especially wide ones, but for 1.6 there are non and for FF they are too expensive for me, as an amateur.

T/S lenses do work on crop cameras, but it's just a bit of a waste!

5. I still cannot get used to the samll viewfinder, coming from an film SLR.

One of the reasons I upgraded from a 400D to the 40D was the improved viewfinder, and the 7D which I have just bought is superb - but still not as good as full frame.

6. I shoot very often at ISO 1600 and even the old EOS 5D MkI is a massive improvement over my current EOS 30D. That with fast lenses is just great. Plus the 5D has interchargeable focusing screens. I would like to use the EF-s focusing screen and do MF. Anyway, about 1/3 of my pictures are MF, inspide of having AF lenses.

Overall I can see why you want to move to full frame.

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