New York City with either the DA21 or DA14mm???

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Re: Need for fast glass

Marc Sabatella wrote:

manual_focus wrote:

For the 12 low light images above I shot wide open four times (All shots were at iso400).

And note, of course, that at at f/4, you could have gotten the same shutter speed by simply upping the ISO to 560 (for the shots originally taken at f/3.2) or 800 (for the shots originally taken at f/2.8).

For the K10, there is a noticeable increase in noise above iso400. The lower noise at iso800 is an advantage of the CMOS sensors found in the newer cameras like the K7. I'd agree that with low noise iso800 the need for fast glass is reduced.

Also consider:

1) Inside restaurant: 14mm, f2.8, 1/45s

Do you really need 1/45" to shoot at 14mm?

No disagreement here. I'm simply leaving the aperture wide open, taking the lens cap off and shooting. As the camera is sitting on the table I could easily get by with the aperture at f5.6 to f8 and use the lower shutter speed. It would actually have been better to do it this way as the depth of field at f2.8 is generally too small for close-in shots.

2) Planetarium: 21mm, f3.2, 1s

This one, of course, is a crap shoot without a tripod, and an extra half a stop one way or the other wouldn't have changed that.

Again, no disagreement. I took three shots using a fence rail as support to get one that was close to sharp. Similar to the night shots from Broolyn Heights Promenade, a tripod would have resulted in much crisper images at any aperature I wanted to use.

Unfortunately, packing around a normal tripod definitely changes the type of pack, weight, hassle factor, etc, one carries around. As there were fence rails at both locations I believe I could use one of the Gorillapods. I've had good luck with them shooting wildflowers and they are much easier to carry than a normal tripod

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Marc Sabatella

I also did not need to shoot wide open in Times Square. I could have easily stopped down the lens to f5.6 and taken the slower shutter speeds with no lose in crispness.

Good comments

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